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NextGen welcomes Hereditary Society Outreach Coordinator

The NextGen Genealogy  Network is pleased to welcome Kathleen Kaldis as our Hereditary Society Outreach Coordinator.

Kathleen worked at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and has served as a researcher and a genealogist within the Society.  She has recently left NEHGS to start her independence research services business and is currently accepting clients.  She has presented many lectures on various genealogical topics, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with individuals.  She holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University’s Center for Professional Education and successfully completed the SLIG Advanced Evidence Practicum in 2018.

Kathleen is very active within the genealogy community. She serves on the board of the Massachusetts Genealogical Council (MGC) as their Federal Records Director. In 2015, she represented the MGC at the PBS Genealogy Roadshow in Boston, Providence, and Houston. She became a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution in 2010, and has enjoyed sharing her passion for genealogy building membership for the Society.  She is a member of the Lexington DAR Chapter, and has served in many leadership positions within the Society at the national, state and chapter levels.  During her tenure as Chapter Registrar in the Lexington Chapter, she volunteered her time actively researching lineages, gathering proof, and doing whatever it took to complete prospective member’s applications.  Through her efforts and research contributions, the Lexington Chapter gained over a hundred members. She passed the DAR Genealogical Education Programs I, II, and III, and carries the title of NSDAR Volunteer Genealogist.  She volunteers as a DAR Balcony Volunteer at the DAR Library every June for the DAR Continental Congress.  In 2013 & 2016, she was the Massachusetts Daughters of the American Revolution Outstanding Volunteer Genealogist of the Year.  She has conducted and participated in many genealogy workshops throughout the state for both prospective members of the DAR, and for the public wishing to learn about their lineages.


NextGen Regional Groups are expanding!

The NextGen Regional groups are a new initiative by the NextGen Genealogy Network.

These groups are organized by geographical area to make it easier for meetups and networking.  We are launching our second regional group – this time for the North East region of the U.S.  We hope to launch similar groups for other regions soon.

We want you to share your discoveries, learn new things and connect with like minded people in your area!

We hope that by having smaller regional Facebook groups, we can help create networks of young genealogists in every state and bring the NextGen mission to life!

Interested in joining our NextGen North East group?   Click HERE to join us.


NGGN Welcomes Volunteer Coordinator

The NextGen Genealogy Network welcomes Eric Schubert as our new Volunteer Coordinator.

Eric has been researching his family history for about the past 7 years, his interest starting when he was around 10 years old. So far in his family tree, he’s solved a decades old adoption case, uncovered Revolutionary War Ancestors, and traced most parts of his family tree back to Colonial Times. He currently resides in Burlington County, NJ as a high school student.

Find Eric online at his Twitter @ESGenealogy.


New Position: Volunteer Coordinator


The NextGen Genealogy Network has an opening for a Volunteer Coordinator on our Leadership Team.  Applicants must be organized, motivated and enthusiastic about the NextGen mission.

Duties will include

*Maintaining a calendar of all local/state/U.S & Canadian genealogy events.
*Managing a database of volunteers in these areas.
*Coordinating volunteers to manage booths & meetups at these events.
*Distributing marketing materials and NextGen swag to the volunteers.

*Attendance at a monthly Google Hangouts Leadership meeting is mandatory*

This is a great opportunity so don’t miss out!

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at