The idea of an organization aimed at young genealogists began in April of 2013 when Kassie Nelson began a Facebook group (Next Generation of Genealogists) after months of research about Gen-Y and genealogy.  A Twitter conversation between Kassie and several other genealogists later that year led to the creation of the NextGen Genealogy Network.    Additional collaboration from Shannon Combs Bennett, Tara Cajacob, Wendy Callahan, Melanie Frick, Barry Kline, as well as generous donations from many genealogists, helped turn this vision into a reality.

Today the NextGen Genealogy Network has grown and evolved into a non-profit organization with a mission to reach younger genealogists through social media, scholarships, interviews and more. To read our mission statement click here. We have gratitude for all of those individuals (past, present, and future) who have made this wonderful organization thrive and grow and will always look forward to those who are yet to join.

The NextGen Genealogy Network could not have been established without the hard work and generous donations of our Founding Members.