This list provides sources you can use to help you on finding information on your family:

Genealogy Resources: – paid subscription, can build tree for free

Familysearch Wiki

Newspapers/Articles/Publications: Many of them are paid subscription, but can find some free resources free newspapers from many states free to use you can get any books on interlibrary loan through this website

Archivegrid– You can find out what collections specific Archives hold

Military Resources:

https://revwarapps- transcribed American Revolution soldier pensions – Daughters of American Revolution Sons of American Revolution

Soldiers and Sailors Database- civil war

Specific states:

North Carolina: you can find land grants for your ancestors or specific locations. It is a helpful website. – State Archives of North Carolina – covers Upper New River Valley North Carolina and also Virginia


Library of Virginia


Ansearchin’ News- Tennessee Genealogical Society

Tennessee State Library and Archives– this website provides wonderful resources for the state of Tennessee