Who founded the NextGen Genealogy Network?

NGGN was founded in 2013 following a Twitter conversation between Jen Baldwin, Kassie Nelson, and D. Joshua Taylor, who wanted to create a community for other young genealogists. Additional collaboration from Shannon Combs Bennett, Tara Cajacob, Wendy Callahan, Melanie Frick, Barry Kline, and other volunteers turned this vision into reality.

Putting together a new organization seems like a lot of work. Why bother?

As young genealogists ourselves, we know how hard it can be to meet peers who share our interests and to find our place within the genealogy community. We want everyone to experience the incredible benefits of enrichment and encouragement that being a part of and contributing to a vibrant and active community can offer.

What is a young genealogist? I want to know if I can be involved!

NGGN builds connections and fosters engagement among young genealogists eighteen to fifty. We also strive to build connections between generations, and we welcome the friendship, mentorship, and support of our fellow genealogists of all ages. Check out the NextGen Connection Challenge (coming soon!) for more.

I have a great idea for the NextGen Genealogy Network. How can I share?

We love hearing new ideas for our organization, and you are welcome to contact us at info@tnggn.org. What we love even more are new ideas paired with passionate volunteers, which brings us to…

I want the NextGen Genealogy Network to stay active. How can I volunteer?

Whether you are interested in creating content for our website or newsletter, hosting a conference meetup, leading a discussion on Google+, or sharing your skills, expertise, or enthusiasm, we welcome new volunteers. Check out our volunteer opportunities and get in touch at info@tnggn.org.

I love what the NextGen Genealogy Network is all about! How can I make a donation?

NGGN gratefully accepts donations via PayPal in order to offset our operating costs and to allow us to create new content and build our community. NGGN is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Thank you for supporting the next generation of genealogists!