Research Over My Shoulder

In this first installment of our new guest blog series #IamNextGen Spotlight, join Devon Lee Noel of Family History Fanatics as they launch the first episode of their new series ‘Research Over My Shoulder’.    In this YouTube series, the Fanatics will answer your questions about how to research your ancestors.

Future projects for the Family History Fanatics include a six part series featuring Winfield Underwood and the quest to figure out who his parents are.

Find Devon and her family online at Family History Fanatics and their YouTube Channel

Devon has been told she has so much energy and passion that it’s contagious.
She specializes in practical research, writing, and memory keeping. She has published over 60 books, including a memoir and four family history how-to books, including the popular A Recipe for Writing Family History.
With over 20 years experience in genealogy and 10 years as a journalist, Devon is a high energy speaker and lab instructor at local, state, national genealogy conferences and public libraries.
She’s a Texas Aggie with degrees in Marketing and Journalism. Currently, Devon is a home educator for five superheroes.