OGS Webinar: DNA Painter

On the first Thursday of every month, the Ontario Genealogical Society hosts an education webinar.  This month, Linda Reid will be presenting a webinar entitled ‘DNA Painter’.   The presentation will begin at 7pm EST on June 6 and registration is required.

Linda says: ” DNA Painter is a wonderful tool for genetic genealogists. There are two different aspects to the site: tools and profiles. The tools section provides an interactive version of Blaine Bettinger’s Shared centiMorgan Project. The profiles section allows researchers to “paint” their chromosomes indicating which segments of DNA came from different ancestors. This can be done at different levels: just to grandparents or to all the ancestors whose genetic contributions can be identified. Many users choose to have more than one profile. “

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity:   REGISTER HERE for Thursday’s webinar