Happy Family History Month!

Did you know that October is designated as Family History Month by the United States Congress since 2001? Since that time, genealogists, family historians, and story-tellers have helped this celebration of ancestry and history grow and evolve on a national stage.  Dozens of genealogical and historical societies promote and celebrate this month as a way to remember and commemorate each and every family’s rich and deep history.

Why is family history so important to us here at the NextGen Genealogy network?

Well…we are that next generation! We are the generation that will carry on the stories, the ideas, the values and the history of our very own people.

Who are we? The following are some of the words of the leadership of NextGen Genealogy Network on what family history means to them and why it is so important.

Theresina Lloyd: it means I’m able to discover things about my roots that I didn’t know and always wondered about. Being from a small family, just my siblings, and mother, the pull to find where things like my love of the Scotland Highlands, Irish music, the British way of speaking, and even certain tastes of food, has been a huge part of my curiosity. Plus I love a good mystery and I’m able to work on one that slowly unfolds in front of me. It has also given me a better appreciation for history and how events have shaped our lives. I’ve connected with family I never knew about and family I did but they were cut off from us. I’ve also been disappointed but that will never discourage this quest and love for genealogy.


Stephany Berry: What I love about genealogy is that there is always a brick wall to solve. It is exciting finding new details, and putting together stories about my ancestors. Reading about how my ancestors found strength getting through hardships make me proud of my family history. My favorite part is sharing my findings with my family.


Becky Zoglmann: Family history and genealogy has opened up a whole new world to me. It has given me a connection to those who quite literally made me who I am. I enjoy learning about their lives and experiences, especially as they lived through historic events like Jack the Ripper and the World Wars.

Volunteer Coordinator

This is who we are and why we do what we do. We’d love to know more about you and why you feel drawn to family history and genealogy. Leave us a comment below on what draws you to genealogy.

Happy Ancestor Hunting!