Faces of NextGen: Meet Jake Fletcher

Jake FletcherJake Fletcher, 24, Massachusetts

What five words would you use to describe yourself? Adventurer, Blogger, Ambitious, Creative, Listener.

Why genealogy? I was a People to People Student Ambassador in 2008 and our trip brought us to County Kerry, Ireland, which happened to be the origin of my 3x great-grandfather, General Patrick Edward Connor. Upon coming back home from trip, I began with the preliminary research my family had done and have ever since remained an avid genealogist.

What’s the coolest discovery you’ve made? While it’s hard for me to pick a favorite branch of my family, my personal favorite comes from a recent research case in which I was very determined to find the naturalization record of a client’s ancestor. Not having luck online, I resorted to the old school method of viewing every bit of the microfilm index at the National Archives in Waltham, Massachusetts. Through that, I found him and in the process, the naturalization record was proof of the five residences we suspected the ancestor had held as a migrant worker.

What’s the number one secret to your success in genealogy? Patience, because it’s important to step away every once in a while and brainstorm creative ways to solve a challenging family history case

What are we most likely to find you doing when you’re not researching family history? Playing electric bass, trying new food, hiking, or visiting a library or museum.

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