2021’s NextGen Genealogy Network Scholarship – Be Part of the Future

What a year 2020 was — absolutely one for the history books, but we here at NextGen Genealogy Network want to make this a year for you too.

As in past years, we have given out a scholarship to genealogists to attend conferences, classes, and learning events.

And, it is happening again this year!

Normally, we have this due in March, but due to an event of historical proportions, we thought we would shake it up a bit and give everyone some extra time to get their essay in.

And this year, the prize, is $500!

What do we need from you to enter?

To apply for the scholarship:

Applicants will write a short essay on the event they want to attend and how this will improve their genealogy skills.

All entries must be emailed to info@tnggn.org by June 1, 2021.

Essays will be judged by the Scholarship panel and winner will be notified by email by June 15, 2021.

The winner will be required to write a piece for the NextGen blog detailing the event they attended.

Terms & Conditions

  • Receipt or proof of purchase must be provided to the Scholarship panel before prize money is awarded.
  • Former and current NextGen Leadership Team members are ineligible for this scholarship.