Education Hangout: Family Photo Editing

Learn all about digitally preserving and editing your old family photographs from Education Co-Coordinators Shannon Combs Bennett and Eric Wells in their latest Education Hangout:

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One thought on “Education Hangout: Family Photo Editing

  1. J. Paul Hawthorne

    I’ve never heard of “batch photo” before, thank you for that tip! Another tip is to scan the backside of the photo in case there are any info on them, even if there is no info. Naming techniques: I use Last Name, First/Middle, Year or short description and sometimes source.
    Hawthorne, James Boardman, 1922 Wedding front.jpeg
    Hawthorne, James Boardman, 1922 Wedding Back.jpeg

    But, there are so many ways of naming, it’s what works for you.


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