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Mike Quackenbush has always had a lifestyle of leadership in business. His extensive training in business management, has allowed him to further enhance key leadership capabilities. Mike is a positive person, who takes care in listening, and offering coaching advice, along with executing divergent problem solving skills. With a client-focused mind, he always keeps the client and business, equally, in the fore-front of all business decisions.

Previously, Mike has specialized in retail marketing – focused in branding and business identity, profits and sales forecasting (trending), along with diagnostic & analytical process development. He also enjoys enhancing business functions with the integration of technology.

Mike is an experienced genealogist with over 15 years of research in mixed mediums of both online and offline archives and repositories.

He is a past member of numerous genealogical associations, including the Association of Professional Genealogists, and of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) – where he served on The Society’s Board of Directors, leading the Marketing portfolio.

In Fall 2016, Mike was voted in the Top 10 of Canadian Genealogists, as a Rockstar Genealogist.

Until Spring 2017, Mike was part of the Leadership Team of California-based The NextGen Genealogy Network, an organization which fosters support and networking opportunities between young genealogists.

At this time, Mike is focused on interests within his local community of Burlington, Ontario.

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