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Member Spotlight: Julie Goucher

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This week we are pleased to feature Julie Goucher in our Member Spotlight. Julie volunteers for the NextGen Genealogy Network in a variety of capacities, including special projects, social media and writing a column for the NextGen Dispatch. We are thankful to have Julie on our team!

1. How many years have you been researching your family tree?

I began taking an interest in my family history in about 1986 but it was another two years before I started seriously researching, so about 28 years all told.

2. Why or how did you start researching your family tree?

I think the writing was on the wall from a young age. All those visits to elderly relatives and listening to the facts, gossip and conversations, and I realised that my elderly relatives were such a source of information and that one day it would all be gone. I knew very little about the Italian side of my family, so it seemed sensible to focus on my maternal side.

3. What has the most rewarding aspect of researching your family tree?

There have been many rewards over the years. Seeing documents that related to my family that had stood the test of time, those in records offices and those in the hands of family members. Meeting other genealogists that have a connection to my family and sharing the data we each hold. Meeting genealogists and developing some great friendships. I am still in touch with some people who I first met in the late 1980’s when research was conducted by pen, paper and stamps and posted. The last reward has got to be giving something back. Whether that is to a society or to the online genealogical world. The collaboration that is enabled because of social media is fabulous.

4. What changes in the greater genealogy community would you like to see that would directly benefit youth/younger generations?

The biggest change I would like to see is the real embracing of social media. The younger generation are completely absorbed and caught up with the on line world. The way of capturing that younger generation is to reach out them on a level that they are on. We have moved beyond Societies having journals and physical meetings. Social media enables us to have journals emailed rather than posted. Meetings online rather than in a physical sense.  A strong online presence enables Societies to welcome members from across the globe in a different way to pre internet days. Social media enables every member, across the globe to be as involved as they want to be.  That said, we must never lose sight that not everything is online. We must never lose the understanding that archives exist and contain the most wonderful documents.

5. How have you been involved in the genealogy community?

I belong to several genealogical societies, some since the late 1980’s, others I have joined more recently. I write a regular column for The In-Depth Genealogist and for Next Gen Dispatch. I write about once a month for the blog of the Society for One-Place Studies and am Secretary for that Society which formed in September 2013. I also blog ( and have a website ( both reflect my interests, which are predominately books and genealogy. I am currently working on a book for a well- known Genealogical publisher here in the UK, but the book in question will be of interest to researchers worldwide. I am also working on a project for NextGen; and more on that another day!
6. Optional: Why did you join NextGen?

I recall several years ago reading the will of an ancestor. The sadness was the individual in question died in their mid 40s and with no issue. One day I suddenly realised that at some point in the future that will be me. That was a very sobering thought. In order for my story to be told I need to embrace younger generations of my family. The children of my Cousins, so that I simply do not become a name with a birth and death date and no further information.

In order to educate and encourage young individuals in their family history we need to present it in a way that has appeal. We need to make it fun and we need to share our experiences with that next generation or two, so we leave not just a legacy but we leave a group of individuals who have a third and desire to want to understand from where they came and the journey those early generations took.

The most success of any project is to join forces with likeminded people which is why it is so great that NextGen exists.

Julie Goucher

Julie Goucher

Julie Goucher has been researching her genealogy and family history since the late 1980s. Her ancestry is predominately within the United Kingdom, although Julie is half Italian and has genealogical links to Italy, Canada, Australia, India just to name a few.

A founder member & former vice chair of the Anglo Italian FHS and a member of the Guild of One Name Studies (for the surnames of Orlando & Worship). More recently Julie has been involved as a founder member with the Society for One-Place Studies, and is currently Secretary.

Following a career in pharmacy management & training, Julie is the writer and developer of The Book of Me, Written by You, which is currently run both as a series of workshops and via online methods.  A book to accompany the program is due to be released during 2014.

Julie is also working on a further book project which is due to be published in Feb 2015 by Pen and Sword Books and writes a regular column, Across the Pond for The In-Depth Genealogist.

You can keep up to date with Julie via various social media

Twitter  -@juliegoucher

Website –

Blog –

G+ –

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